We have outstanding and experienced team, but are you a leadership educator waiting to happen? The Collaborative’s central goal is to build leadership capacity.  Among the challenges we face is the relative scarcity of those prepared to lead the kind of workshops we offer.  If you have the desire and commitment to be a leadership trainer, we invite you to apply for our intensive nine-month Train the Trainers program that includes course work, a personal development plan, coaching, and the opportunity to learn on the job.​ Contact us to learn more.

Jay Kaufman

Founding President

Jay Kaufman is the Collaborative’s founding president. He has taught and consulted on public and non-profit sector leadership for the past three decades. He helped launch the Initiative for Diversity in Civic Leadership, has served on the National Conference of State Legislature’s leadership development faculty for courses in this country, Europe and Africa, served as founding director of Northeastern University’s Center for Leadership and Public Life and, before that, served as founding director of the Massachusetts Bay Consortium, an association of 18 colleges and universities.  In addition, he experimented with and experienced leadership successes and failures as a member of the Massachusetts House of Representatives where he served for twenty-four years, from 1995 to 2019.  He chaired both the Committee on Public Service and the Committee on Revenue and was part of the House leadership team.  His “OPEN HOUSE” monthly public policy forum was recognized with the prestigious Beacon Award as the nation’s best televised government relations series. 

Jill Hufnagel

Senior Faculty

An international expert on adaptive leadership and case-in-point learning, Jill Hufnagel, Ph.D., provides consultation on unwieldy organizational challenges and designs and delivers immersive leadership workshops built on deep capacity development and possibility thinking. Her clients include Fortune 500 companies, tech firms and financial institutions, school districts and health care organizations, as well as both federal government and global governing organizations. In addition to her e-book Teachable Moments of Leadership, her writing has appeared in The Kansas Leadership Center's Journal, The Spin and the International Leadership Association’s Building Bridges. Jill began her career working for the Secretary of the U.S. Senate, was the Associate Director of the Batten Leadership Institute, and has served on the executive education faculty at Harvard’s Kennedy School and as a Senior Consultant with Cambridge Leadership Associates. She is a Senior Associate with the Kansas Leadership Center and on the senior faculty of the Beacon Leadership Collaborative. Jill believes the work of leadership is about using strategically the tool that is you to help your corner of the world to thrive and as such: is everyone’s to claim. When not on the road, she hikes, cooks, reads, and aspires to breathe it all in thanks to an evolving yoga practice. For more on her work visit jillhufnagel.com

Max Klau
Senior Faculty

Max Klau is the Chief Program Officer at the New Politics Leadership Academy overseeing the design and delivery of the Academy’s leadership development programs focused on building a pipeline of alumni of service programs seeking to run for political office. Prior to joining the Academy, Max served as the Vice President of Leadership Development at City Year, the education-focused AmeriCorps program that currently engages more than 3,000 young adults across 27 U.S. cities in a year of demanding, full-time citizen service.  During his ten years at City Year, Max played a key role in designing an AmeriCorps member leadership development experience that integrated a dual focus on community impact and personal transformation.  An alumnus of four service programs, he has completed two years of service in Israel and led service programs in Israel, Honduras, Ghana, and the Ukraine.  He is a member of the Board of Directors of the International Leadership Association, and a member of the Curriculum Advisory Board of the Dalai Lama Fellows.  In addition to authoring numerous chapters in academic publications, his writing about leadership has appeared in Fast Company, the Harvard Business Review, the Washington Post, and the Huffington Post. His first book, Race and Social Change:  A Quest, A Study, A Call to Action, was published by Wiley in 2017. 


Headshot Max Klau
Lisa Lahey
Senior Faculty

Lisa Lahey is the co-founder Minds at Work and on the faculty of the Harvard Graduate School of Education where she currently leads the Personal Mastery program for aspiring school superintendents. She has worked with numerous corporations and nonprofit organizations as well as working across the educational spectrum, from primary schools to universities and their boards helping to translate adult development principles into everyday practices. Lisa’s thirty years of research and writing on adult development have influenced the practice of coaching, psychotherapy, management, and leadership. Lahey and long-time collaborator Robert Kegan are credited with a breakthrough discovery of a hidden dynamic, the “immunity to change,” which impedes personal and organizational transformation. Her work helps people to close the gap between their good intentions and behaviors. This work is now being used by executives, senior teams and individuals in business, governmental, and educational organizations in the United States, South America, Europe, and Asia. Her seminal books, How The Way We Talk Can Change The Way We Work, and Immunity to Change have been published in over a dozen languages. Her latest book, An Everyone Culture was recently named “Best Management and Workplace Culture Book of 2016” by 800-CEO-READ. A passionate pianist and nature lover, Lisa has two sons and a daughter-in-law and lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts, with her husband.

Headshot Lisa Lahey
Marty Linsky
Senior Faculty

Marty Linsky has been on the faculty at the Harvard Kennedy School since 1982. In 2002, he co-founded Cambridge Leadership Associates, a leadership consulting practice, which he sold to the staff in 2013. Graduate of Williams College and Harvard Law, Linsky has been Assistant Minority Leader of the Massachusetts House, writer for The Boston Globe, Editor of The Real Paper, and Chief Secretary to Massachusetts Governor Weld. He has authored or co-authored over a dozen books and chapters. His most recent publication is “Adaptive Design” in the Stanford Social Innovation Review.  Marty has three married children, and two grandsons. His wife, Lynn Staley, was Newsweek’s Design Director and is a successful painter in her “retirement”. Marty has run nine marathons (never again!) exercises daily (to avoid a back operation), roots for the Red Sox, enjoys good drink and vegetarian food (rewards for exercising), spends time in Italy, is into serious decluttering, and still collects baseball cards (25,000+).

Headshot Marty Linsky
Julia Fabris McBride
Senior Faculty

Julia Fabris McBride is Vice President of the Kansas Leadership Center, a certified coach, and co-author, with Chris Green of Teaching Leadership: Case-in-Point, Case Teaching, and Coaching.  At KLC she oversees teacher and coach development and has created three professional certification programs for leadership developers, including an International Coach Federation approved Leadership Coach training program and a Case-in-Point Intensive and Certification that has drawn people to Wichita, Kansas from four continents. Before joining KLC (and while wrapping up a fun and varied career as an actor in Chicago) Julia taught leadership and management at the University of Chicago, Columbia College Chicago, University of Massachusetts and the James P. Shannon Leadership Institute. A graduate of  Case Western Reserve University, she holds a Diploma (signed by Sir John Geilgud) from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. Julia lives with her husband, sculptor Bill McBride, in Matfield Green, Kansas, the heart of the Flint Hills tallgrass prairie. She serves on the board for the Chase County school district and is a Lifetime Member of the Girl Scouts of the Kansas Heartland.

Headshot Julia Fabris McBride
Sabina Nawaz
Senior Faculty

Sabina Nawaz is a leadership educator, global CEO coach, keynote speaker, and writer working around the world in over two dozen countries. She advises executives in Fortune 500 corporations, government agencies, non-profits, and academic institutions. Sabina also teaches faculty at Northeastern University and facilitates a faculty fellowship development program at Drexel University. Previously she spent more than fourteen years at Microsoft, first in software development and then leading the company’s executive development and succession planning efforts. In addition, Sabina has spoken at hundreds of seminars, events, and conferences and sits on the board of Power and Systems, a leadership development institute. Sabina believes the greatest privilege of working with leaders is bearing witness to their growth and their acts of courage. Sabina writes about acts of uncommon leadership for Harvard Business Review, Forbes, and Inc.


Headshot Sabina Nawaz
Hugh O’Doherty
Senior Faculty

Hugh O’Doherty teaches at Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government where he chairs the Leadership for the 21st Century program.  He is also a Senior Associate with Cambridge Leadership Associates, an international leadership development practice and the home of Adaptive Leadership. At the University of Maryland, he directed the Ireland-US Public Leadership Program for emerging leaders from all the political parties in Ireland. In Northern Ireland, he directed the Inter-Group Relations Project, an initiative bringing together political and community leaders in Ireland to establish protocols for political dialogue. He has consulted in Bosnia, Croatia, and Cyprus and has addressed the United Nations Global Forum on Re-Inventing Government. He has worked with the government of Nepal on a negotiation and leadership development program, as a third-party member of an Armenian-Turkish Dialogue process, and on a leadership development program with a number of leaders from major political factions in Kashmir.


Headshot Hugh O'Doherty
Ed O'Malley
Senior Faculty

Ed O’Malley is the founding President and Chief Executive Officer of the Kansas Leadership Center, formed in 2007.  He is the co-author of a pair of books related to the work and mission of KLC.  A guest columnist on leadership for the Washington Post, Ed has extensive “front of the room” experience training and teaching not only at KLC but also at Wichita State University and the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard.  Ed has also worked with groups as far-flung as Australia, Ireland, India, and Canada. Prior to helping launch KLC, Ed got a close-up view of the gap between leadership aspirations and reality when he served two terms in the Kansas legislature.  He had also served as an aide to the Governor of Kansas and on the staff of the Overland Park Chamber of Commerce.

Adrion Roberson
Senior Faculty

Adrion Roberson is on the faculty of the Kansas Leadership Center and also serves as the co-pastor of the new Berean Community Church. He is also the founder and Executive Director of the Kansas City United! Youth Sports & Education Initiative which serves over 400 youth and teens in the metro area. Adrion and his wife Vicky are passionate about helping others believe in and invest in their communities. He was born, raised and currently lives in one of the most underserved urban communities in the country and is currently helping to drive the message of 'adaptive thinking' in the areas of economic inequality, educational and physical/emotional health inadequacies and racial/social discourses. His purpose is to help individuals see the need to understand where technical and adaptive challenges differ and to help develop the next level of community leaders who can and are willing to mobilize the stakeholders to do the difficult work of making progress in these areas.

Headshot Adrion Roberson