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There can be no doubt about the need for new, skillful, and caring leadership in our public life. The challenges we face – and avoid facing – are many and consequential. We know that mobilizing people to confront tough problems, overcome differences, and move beyond the natural resistance to change requires uncommon courage and skill. Beacon Leadership Collaborative is about this kind of leadership. Our workshops, consulting, coaching, and professional development programs, at once challenging and empowering, invite you to take the next steps on your leadership path, expanding your repertoire of skills and unleashing and deepening your capacity for the transformed and transforming public leadership that we all know we need.


Beacon Leadership Collaborative is a non-profit organization, the shared project of experienced leadership educators from across the country, passionately committed to fostering better leadership in the public square.

“My team's experience with Adaptive Leadership transformed our understanding of real positive leadership.  This is the future of democratic governance."

- Mayor Joseph Curtatone

Somerville, Massachusetts

“The Beacon Leadership team has empowered my public life, providing motivation, inspiration, and tangible insight into what it means and what it takes to exercise leadership."

- Tito Jackson

Former Boston City Councilor

"This workshop is no ordinary leadership conference. It provides the tools to confront real-life challenges in our complex political world. It is a must for any leader who wants to be more innovative and effective."

- Brent Hill

President Pro Tempore

Idaho State Senate


Ready to learn more? We can't wait to hear from you!

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