LEADERSHIP FOR A CHANGE is a participatory workshop focusing on the practice of leadership and exploring the qualities needed for a systemic and holistic approach to leading change. Building on empowering teachings about the art and craft of leadership, participants will enhance their own leadership skills even as they come to better understand leadership in general.


Exercises and discussions explore roadblocks to truly effective leadership, the roles of values, purpose and goal setting, the distinction between authority and leadership, the difference between technical and adaptive challenges, the inherent conflicts and difficulties attendant to any effort to effect change, and enhancing skills of observation, interpretation, intervention, and agility in the face of uncertainty.


Participants will use a structured protocol to develop a strategic plan to address a personal leadership challenge and a powerful exercise to shed light on unconscious barriers to change. Leadership for a Change includes a preliminary orientation and baseline assessment, two days in a comfortable retreat setting (although the workshop may not always make you comfortable and will be more of an advance than a retreat), three evening follow-up sessions over a four-month period, and online exercises.