Who We Are

Unleashing your leadership, transforming community

There can be no doubt about the need for new, skillful, and caring leadership in our public life. Beacon Leadership Collaborative is about this kind of leadership.


The challenges we face - and avoid facing - in the public square are many and consequential. We know that mobilizing people to confront tough problems, overcome differences, and move beyond the natural resistance to change requires uncommon courage and skill. Our work is grounded in powerful and empowering frameworks that provide the intellectual structure and vocabulary to help us understand why the challenges we face in the public square are so intractable, and why positive, effective leadership is so rare. We learn that real leadership occurs not when those in authority offer answers, but when essential, difficult questions are kept on - and key people are kept at - the table long enough for shared answers to emerge. We learn why we, individually and collectively, resist change and what it takes to overcome that resistance. 


The value of Beacon Leadership Collaborative engagement lies not in teaching abstractions about or models of leadership, but in actually doing the difficult work of enhancing and honing leadership skills and sensibilities so that we may be empowered to effect change in our governance, communities and country; change that we all know we need.